Club Eden is Bi Couple Friendly

We talk to the owners of Club Eden about being LGBT and Bi Couple Friendly!
We recently did a podcast about Bi Sexual Couples and Singles in the swinging lifestyle and we were quickly asked if we could verify that the promotions made by Club Eden as being LGBT Friendly and the truth about how supporting they are to the Bi Sexual Community as most clubs still have not accepted Bi men or Bi Couples into their establishments openly and we got to sit down with Chris and Crissy, the owners and talk openly and candid and we asked the questions everyone wanted to know.  Listen to this podcast to one of the greatest and most friendly clubs that not only support the swingers lifestyle community but also the Bi sexual lifestyle and LGBT communities.

2 thoughts on “Club Eden is Bi Couple Friendly

  1. Eden groupie

    It’s high time that the LS acknowledges the concept of sexual freedom and no -judgement. I’m especially happy to see this in DFW- leaders in the LGBTQ+ community. In this day and age, what are LS clubs/resorts THINKING by discriminating against alternative lifestyles.. glass houses, indeed! I hope your business increases exponentially and you can claim responsibility for The Acceptance Movement in the LS.


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